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I'm Tillie Bruss, a landscape designer based in the western suburbs of Chicago. I come from a long lineage of landscaping professionals. My grandfather, Carl, started a nursery and landscaping company in 1952, and my father, Bill, continued the family tradition.  Now I am following in his footsteps with my four lovely children; Marnie, George, Henry and Kathryn. Along with my family, and loving husband, I have been creating beautiful landscapes for the past 18 years.


I have a passion for rejuvenating residential landscapes with my extensive background in herbaceous perennials. My love for family and commitment to my clients pushes me to create unique and interesting combinations and designs for landscapes throughout all the seasons. My designs often include my love for using natural stone materials to install patios, walkways for a wide range of construction uses including: outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, fire pits, and small water features. 


I have a Bachelors of Horticulture from the University of Illinois and have been working as a designer since 1998.

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